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Just like any mechanical component, when you use something it is going to get worn. Pins and Bushings are parts on equipment that are designed to wear. Especially in the tough conditions such as forest operations. Greasing at the proper intervals is going to ensure that you get the full life of your pins and bushings which can help to lower costs, reduce downtime and ensure top working condition of you machine. Something that should be understood is that when pins and bushings begin to get worn the component that it is driving, if it be a cylinder or other movable part, can begin to have movement. This movement creates negative energy which reduces the effectiveness of the driving part such as Delimbing Knives, Measuring Wheel, Felling link etc…

Replacing bushings as they show sign of wear will help to ensure top performance of your harvester head. Another aspect to consider is placing shims in between an installable component and the frame of the harvester head. This can also help to absorb negative energy and increase the pin and bushing life. Always refer to the owners manual for the correct parts and servicing tips of the above mentioned items.