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Forestry Training and Coaching

Helping you improve your bottom line.

What we do

With over 100 years of combined experience in training and coaching contractors and their operators, Forest Liaison Inc. has developed a world class liaison program which is based on the best practices of logging experts from around the world. Forest Liaison provides coaching services to more than 500 operators throughout Canada and internationally each year.

Forestry Operator Training

Basic to advanced machine operator training on all forestry machine types. Skills to enhance continuous improvement and tools to analyze and improve productivity.

Mill Yard Operator Training

Basic new and advanced operator training for all machine types operating in mill yards. From knuckle boom loaders to bucket loaders, fork loaders, and paralifts.


Business and operation assessment and data collection, training, and coaching on how to improve your company’s bottom line.

Offering a variety of training programs

Programs that have been developed from the vast experiences over the years working with forest companies, contractors and operators.

Helping you improve your bottom line.

Forest Liaison’s clients range from small harvesting contractors to some of the largest multibillion-dollar international grower companies.


Pins and Bushings

Pins and Bushings are parts on equipment that are designed to wear.


Knives on harvester heads require regular care to maintain optimal performance.


One of the most common points for contamination to infect a hydraulic system is through hose replacement.

Bolts and Guards

Tips about guards and fasteners on all equipment.


Tips about electrical wiring on all equipment

Our training programs are beneficial to companies, supervisors, contractors, and operators.

From Our Clients

Hear what our clients have to say about our training.

Forest Liaison Inc (FLI) has been the principal training provider J.D. Irving, Limited’s (JDI) Productivity Program since 2004. FLI trainers are experienced operators with the ability to coach for improved performance and the trainers capably work with all brands and models of forestry equipment.  They are flexible and willing to customize training to suit the needs of the business. FLI’s trainers deliver a consistent and effective approach. Performance baselines are set, opportunities are identified, and concrete improvement plans are created.  Improvement is then tracked in measurable way, allowing calculation of a “return on coaching” investment. JDI often contracts FLI to perform in-field trials of new forestry equipment and harvesting methods.  FLI consistently delivers objective, detailed evaluations that help JDI make the right decisions on equipment selection and improved harvesting methods. FLI continues to be a strong partner in JDI’s mission to improve productivity.  The commitment of their owner to continuous improvement adds much value to the relationship.

Jim Ketterling

Director of Human Performance, J.D. Irving, Limited, Woodlands Division

“In 2009 and 2010 we engaged Forest Liaison to assist with productivity improvement on our tree length harvest operations.   An improvement agenda is critical to meeting customer requirements particularly during difficult periods in the forest industry.   Forest Liaison worked closely with our equipment operators and supervisors in developing best practices and improvements in operator technique to increase production throughout all phases of felling, skidding and delimbing while maintaining and improving on log quality.”

Cory Coneybeare

Operations Superintendant, Tembec

“Since 2010, Port Hawkesbury Paper has benefitted greatly from the specialized knowledge and experience that Forest Liaison provides. Their ability to set a new operator on a path to success is exceptional. Their teaching of best practices and the method of practical training they employ to even the most seasoned operators has proven effectiveness. Forest Liaison is always well prepared with a plan, and they are eager to pass on the valuable lessons they have learned over the years. People are the most important resource in a company and investing in their training with Forest Liaison is an intelligent choice that will yield many improvements for decades into the future.”

Joel Taylor

Forest Resources Superintendent, Port Hawkesbury Paper

“Our clients range from small harvesting contractors to some of the largest multi-billion dollar international grower companies. Every company that made the decision to be the best in class has utilized the program.  This started with dedicated training in harvesting best practices with astonishing results of at least 30% productivity improvement after the first phase. Follow up and corrective training ensured compliance to all safety and environmental regulations while performing at the highest “Harvesting Best Practices” standards.  Afrequip encourages any serious harvester contractor to make use of this program. Afrequip, a well-established dealer of premium forestry equipment in South Africa including product lines from Tigercat, Logmax and CBI has taken advantage of the “Liaison” program, with great success.”


Companies we’ve worked with