Forestry Machine Operator Training Level 1- BC Program


  • Complete course - 160 Hours
  • This four week course is structured for a new unexperienced operator.
  • Classroom: 2 Day introduction to Safety, Wood Harvesting Best Practice, SOP's, Preventative Maintenance.
  • In woods training: machine walk around, ergonomics, preventative maintenance, on site planning and machine introduction and training/coaching.
  • The operator will receive an "Forestry Machine Operator Training Level 1" certificate upon successful completion of our program.
  • Successful students must score a minimum of 90% on the OSET (BP scorecard)


Machine Course Options:

  • Track Processor
  • Feller Buncher
  • Grapple Skidder
  • Single Grip Harvester (Track or Rubber Tire)
  • Forwarder


  • Cost: Depending on number of students and time of year - Call for quote - 506 381- 9347
    • Example cost - Based on 6 students cost would be $6000 per student.