Our clients range from small harvesting contractors to some of the largest multi-billion dollar international grower companies. Every company that made the decision to be the best in class has utilized the program.  This started with dedicated training in harvesting best practices with astonishing results of at least 30% productivity improvement after the first phase. Follow up and corrective training ensured compliance to all safety and environmental regulations while performing at the highest “Harvesting Best Practices” standards.  Afrequip encourages any serious harvester contractor to make use of this program. Afrequip, a well-established dealer of premium forestry equipment in South Africa including product lines from Tigercat, Logmax and CBI has taken advantage of the “Liaison” program, with great success.


In 2009 and 2010 we engaged Forest Liaison to assist with productivity improvement on our tree length harvest operations.   An improvement agenda is critical to meeting customer requirements particularly during difficult periods in the forest industry.   Forest Liaison worked closely with our equipment operators and supervisors in developing best practices and improvements in operator technique to increase production throughout all phases of felling, skidding and delimbing while maintaining and improving on log quality.


Cory Coneybeare

Operations Superintendant